Gratitude when life bites

Part of the choice to find things to be thankful for is that life sucks sometimes and making your list gets a little harder.  Sometimes a week goes by and all the best laid plans fall to pieces and you miss some showers, raise your voice when you didn’t want to, serve things for dinner that really don’t qualify, miss your hard-working husband like crazy but act like you don’t care since that hurts less and say goodbye to pets that you adore because for this little season their home can’t be with you…yes, some weeks and truly some whole months or years burst with hard things and seem to never end.

But part of the beauty of gratitude is still writing your list when you’ve cried every day for a week and you don’t feel like the list could be worth writing…

#226 – friends who help carry the load when you can’t

#227 – being a receiver of generous compassion

#228 – sharing real life with my children, even when life doesn’t feel nice

#229 – clean sheets

#230 – what a $25 gallon of paint can do to a little kitchen in 4 hours

#231 – hearing a two year old try to say “Guatemala” over and over

#232 – hearing her older sibling pray on her behalf for her new Compassion child

#233 – spontaneous fun

#234 – sacrifice-in all its incomprehensible beauty

#235 – the mystery of homeopathy and the difference it can make in the life of a child

#236 – warm feet on a rainy day



Isn’t that the truth! And I think those weeks really highlight that we have so much to be thankful for that we would otherwise take for granted. Giving thanks with you for those little things in the midst of a week that bites.


What color did you paint your kitchen?!
Would love to hear about the homeopathy sometime.
I’m so sorry about your pets.
Thank you for being grateful. Its contagious.


I painted it a creamy coffee color. Very lovely actually. Brighter and makes it feel bigger!


Counting along with you … As always, a delight to splash in thankfulness all around.



Love you, love your lists!

Michelle Wright

I am a sucker for the prayers my daughter say for our 6 Compassion children. Being involved with the organization has literally changed their hearts!