An update on the garage door, after determining the danger of trying to fix it himself, Christopher (good man that he is) called the garage door repair people.  They said they’d send a couple guys to do it, given the very heavy weight of the old door.

Well, only one guy showed up,  but upon first glance he seemed to be as good as two men.  He would have had to duck to get in our doorway.  He was enormous.  He even had the face of a brute.  Honestly he was at least 6′ 8″.  His name was Brock.   And he called Christopher “Boss”.  Truly he was larger than life.

He single handedly lifted the broken garage door and did all the necessary repairs and a quick $250 later we were able to access our storage area and our full freezer.   Chicken Yakisoba was made with no troubles, thank goodness!



Yeah!!!!!!!!!!No more attic adventures!


That is hilarious!! What a character. Wish you had a photo – sounds like a cool guy. I think everyone is right now sleeping at once – yahooooooo!


hahahaha. love it. i’m with kristin- wish you had a snuck a pic of him 🙂


WOWWWW….that is some EXPENSIVE yakisoba! Hope it was tasty!


Please share your recipe for yakisoba if you don’t mind. I WAS sitting here blissfully unaware of food until you mentioned it and now I’d really like some yakisoba chicken. I don’t know what it is but it sounds good. So good in fact that I went to allrecipes.com and looked it up. But I’d still like your recipe if you’re willing to share.