Garden confessions

The truth is, I dabbled this year, in gardening.  I dipped my toes in the water.  I requested that the hubby teach me how to use the power saw and the driver and all that neat stuff.  I built raised beds for the garden out of cheap fence posts.   I grew gads of snap peas, enough to keep us happy but they took over the bed so much that they shaded the beets and that was rude of them.  Next time they need more space.  I grew lettuce until one morning I came out and someone ate ALL of it.  In one night.  Someone also ate (or picked) all the zuchinni flowers, so I have big lovely leaves and no flowers = no veggies.  Uncool.  After killing every single cucumber start that I’d lovingly begun in the house, I planted starts from the local nursery.  They are going gangbusters as are the tomatoes.  When both are ready, we’ll be so set for veggies for a good many days.

I built a really awesome, stackable potato planter box and only managed to grow this in it:

photo 5 (3)

Turns out when you leave your seed potatoes in the garage, never plant them at all, you don’t grow potatoes.  Shoot.  Fail on potatoes.  Next year, try again.

Next, turns out having two sets of kids to care for, bottle feed, love on…it all trumps gardening.  And it is a notable amount of work, especially when doing it for the first time.  While we’ve had goats for over two years, this was our first time raising brand new babies.

photo 1 (8)
photo 2 (9)

(this is my darling cousin Kelsey who goes to university nearby after living on the other side of the country all her life – its super cool to have her around – she is one of those amazing people who relates delightfully to both adults and children of all ages….my aunt and uncle raised three exceptional girls, we can only hope to do so well)

photo 1 (10)
photo 2 (11)
photo 3 (13)

If Liberty is outside and near the goats but not WITH them, she will cry.  She adores them.  I however, do not adore goat first aid.  Above is my best attempt at wrapping a profusely bleeding head after Samson opened up his little horn buds (they had been burned off, and were healing).

Carrots did well, but they were a token item and all the kids know they have to ask first before eating one from the garden.  Not nearly enough of them.  Still buying bags of carrots from the store to feed this crew.


All the berries in the berry patch?  Hmmm, I don’t think you want to know.  Its a sad story.  It involves chickens and deer and goats and dogs and kids and no fencing and not enough water.  Very sad.  That was my most expensive loss/mistake this year.  Lessons learned, all good.

And when we’re not in the dirt, we do clean up every now and then and go out like we did for Father’s Day…

photo 5 (1)