From the back seat

Overheard in the van this week:

Caleb –  “I’m going to grow up to be bigger than Rylee you know, because boys are bigger than girls.”

Kyler –  “Maybe…but mom is bigger than dad, so maybe not?”

Caleb:  “No, I will, I’m sure.”

Kyler –  “But mom is a little bit the E-word.”

Caleb –  “No, she’s the F-word, you mean.  Yeah, but don’t say it, it isn’t polite.”

Mama is thinking these boys don’t realize that in 5 short months since Finn’s birth I’ve lost 30 pounds and am pleased as punch to be back at what I weighed before baby #3 – even if I’ve still got a ways to go!  Not to mention they’ve no idea what most people think when they hear “F-word”.  Making a mental note to work on phonics some more with Kyler, who apparently has E and F sounds a bit mixed…

Kyler:  “I KNOW, I didn’t say FAT!”

Mama can’t control the front seat giggles and thanks them for trying to be courteous.  If this isn’t the most humbling job in the world I don’t know what is (grin).


Danielle Sween Jorgenson

Oh my word, that is so freaking funny. And, so not true. You look awesome and have done so great in only a few months. I especially like the part about mom being bigger than dad. That is hardly a fair measure.


I could not stop laughing after reading this! Thank you for writing and sharing your life on this blog. Over the last year, I have been cutting down my list of blogs. I want to only take time to visit the ones that I find edifying and encouraging, the ones that are written by real women sharing real life experiences that connect to mine. Yours is one of those few that I visit regularly – thank you for writing and giving me good things to smile at, and good things to take to heart!


Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve done the same thing and pared my blog list down to a precious few. I’m so glad you have been blessed here!



I too laughed at this!!! I always appreciate how you make me laugh. I think you look the f-word, “FABULOUS”!