From great to bad to worst

It’s amazing how much can happen in one day.

This morning we hung out with new friends, shared food with those who are without, delivered by all our children in a line.  It was precious and humbling.

Then we enjoyed a visit from my parents who’ve been away for a month, the kids were delighted to have their Nana and Papa around.

An amazing phone call this afternoon.

An afternoon visit from a sweet friend I love who I haven’t seen in a while.

Then quickly I wasn’t feeling good.  I was feeling hot and shaky.  I recognized the signs quickly and realized I was on the slippery slope to a bladder infection.

My friend offered to stay with the kids while I ran to the store for cranberry concentrate (which has saved me from antibiotics more than once in this department).  I first said no then felt myself going down hill and changed my mind.

I grabbed Audrey to come with and Kelly stayed back with the other three.  After delivering four children, my bladder function is possibly sub par.  But today it was declining by the minute.  Hoping I could make it to the grocery store (5 minutes from home) to their bathroom, I whisked Audrey out of her seat and ran into the store.

I found the bathroom and then the juice.  I made my purchase and headed out in the light rain.

My van was locked.  No problem.  I reached for my keys and as I did I saw them sitting in Audrey’s car seat.  In my bathroom-needy haste I left them in the van and it was locked.  I needed a bathroom again.  I ran inside carrying glass juice jugs, Audrey and my purse as I dialed my husband and my friend and roadside assistance.

I cried and agonized over my feverish, locked-out, dizzy self.

I tried to find a free cookie for Audrey.  I ended up buying her a donut.  At dinnertime.

I used the grocery bathroom 9 times in 45 minutes.

I practiced my labor-breathing to contend with my bladder pain.

Audrey threw pieces of donut all over the bathroom floor.

Then she tried to eat them and yelled at me for throwing them in the trash.

Audrey threw a screaming fit when I wouldn’t let her eat the giant chocolate orange that was for sale.  I was completely unable to do a thing about it.  I just watched her and tried not to pass out in the produce section.  By now I look like I have an involuntary tick sort of thing.

Roadside assistance would be an hour.  So would my husband.  So I waited.  Pacing around from bread to lettuce to orange juice making sure I had one eye on my daughter and one eye on the bathroom.

Christopher texted me as he passed every exit on the freeway.  Bless him.  He made it to me, we made it home, I made it into bed, my friend who had stopped for a quick visit had now been caring for my kids for a couple of hours.  I readied myself for a trip to urgent care as I still was in incredible pain.

Very worried about me the kids sat quietly on the bed and stared.  Unable to sleep, they were a welcome distraction.  Rylee brought me a science book and asked where the bladder was.  I showed her and then we discussed white and red blood cells and how they fight germs and infection.  Then she read to me out of her book.  Love that about our homeschool home.  There’s always something to be learning, even when mom is moaning in her bed and running to the bathroom in the middle of a sentence.

The family prayed for me, many times, the kids prayed their darling sweet, simple, faith-filled prayers.

Then, enter three of my favorite things:

  1. Garlic-hi potency raw garlic tablets
  2. Super strong, nearly undrinkable 100% cranberry juice
  3. Oil of oregano-makes you gag to take it full strength on the tongue but an incredible healing herb

Two hours passed, I waited to call to have someone take me in.  I felt better and better.

And now I’m writing on the blog.

Talk about a crazy day.  The lovely mixed right in with the awful.  That’s life I guess right?



Whoah!! That sounds pretty brutal, but I’m super glad you’re on the mend. Bladder infections are HORRIBLE. I’ve had one and that’s enough to last me a lifetime. Did you like my message, “Go to the ER, NOW.” What does the nurse know!!?? Hope you continue to feel better and get some sleep tonight. Love you.