Fresh air


After way too many days in a row of being exclusively indoors, we made it to the zoo.  It was good for us all despite Kyler tipping backwards out of his chair in the food court while I was nursing Audrey and the subsequent efforts to keep her nursing and happy while getting up, trying to help Kyler and not lose all sense of modesty.  A kind stranger picked him up and put him back into his chair.


Audrey continues to master the army crawl.  Most days she can be found dragging herself around the house with one of several pairs of baby leg warmers on, the cutest being a pair from her cousin Isaac from Christmas.  He knows how to pick out just the right things for his little friend.


My favorite Christmas present, a cashmere hand-knit beanie from Christopher.  Our friend Heidi in Idaho knits these darling hats and sells them on Etsy.  Audrey, Rylee and I all have matching ones in various colors.  I got the girls the hats then Christopher secretly ordered another for me for Christmas, love surprises like that!


Back in the home school saddle today, we painted with mushrooms (it’s M week) and then with potatoes, apples and hands eventually too.  Fun!



Im sorry we couldnt find you that day! It looks like you all had a great time, next tiem we would love to join you:)


Oh, so fun!! Only a few more months and I can join on those trips to the zoo!!

Also, please tell Rylee that Chloe is sitting next to the laptop and says hi 😉


Oh, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in that pretty hat. The color is just beautiful, and I am emotional thinking of what a perfect surprise gift that is for you – a matching hat to your daughters’, and such a wonderful color (my personal favorite). How special! How did you get such a terrific photo of the 5 of you?!!!!