First day of (home)school

These are for you Mama…

Only because she is very anxious to be in the mix, Audrey is doing preschool with us this year as a very enthusiastic 3 year old

At five years old, Kyler is beginning his kindergarten work this year – though if you’d ask him, he’d tell you that in fact no, he’s not actually.  It’s taken me weeks to convince him that ‘going into kindergarten’ doesn’t actually mean GOING anywhere.  He is relieved and I’m happy to have him here.

Caleb is heading into second grade this year.  He would rather study frogs and salamanders than math but we’re going to try and do both.  He is a voracious reader and we can hardly keep enough books around for his appetite.

Sweet Rylee Jeanne is ready to hit the ground running with her third grade studies.  She is most excited about her new math program (yay!) and the opportunity to learn crafts like needlepoint, weaving, sewing and the like every afternoon after she is done with her school work.

I needed to feed Phineas so Rylee read to everyone out of my new book stash.  This is one of my very favorite parts of learning at home.

Audrey tracing a leaf into her nature notebook.  We are looking so forward to one dedicated, directed nature study a week and trying to get outside and appreciate something in creation every single day.


Pat Sween

These pics make me so happy indeed! I am back on email and enjoying catching up with all I have missed. I miss those sweet kiddos and am so eager to see you all when home from Zambia this wk. Sending lots of kisses to all.