Fireman Kyler


Kyler always finds something to do while we are playing a game or doing a puzzle that is a bit old/boring for him-usually it involves dropping a half a dozen eggs on the kitchen floor, pouring a bottle of nail polish into the silverware drawer, drawing with permanent sharpie marker on the family room wall, stealing all Rylee’s gum from her room and eating it all at once, opening a whole box of bandaids, sticking crayons in the wall heater, filling up the bathroom sink to overflowing, trying to cut carpet with a pizza cutter, unrolling a whole spool of thread, cutting the sheets on my bed with sewing shears or putting on my lipstick

Occasionally, it is something that doesn’t get him in trouble, like taking off his clothes and/or putting on our fire truck get up-like this morning above 🙂



Oh my sweet Kyler: Dare I say it again?? We have a place for you here 🙂


Oh, I feel so much better that things like that happen in somebody else’s house!!!!! Although, I think he takes the cake for frequency and creativity of destructive activities!!!


Oh my goodness!! Love, love, love it!! I had some of the nurses at work reading all the naughty little things that sweet boy has gotten into…they could hardly believe it!! They did however say how incredibly adorable he is 😉


Seriously? i am stunned into silence! I can’t believe he has done all that! Is that what I’m in for with this third? How does one little human have that much destructive capability? i’m laughing!

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