Finally, some summer!

After days of July cold and rain (yes, this is Seattle I know) the weather changed yesterday and when my sister called at 4:30 with the suggestion of an impromtu beach adventure for dinner, we were quick to hop in the car (as quick as anything is with us!) and head for a beach we’d never been too.  We grabbed cheap pizzas on the way and had so much fun we ended up staying late enough to watch the sunset over Puget Sound.  It was stunning.

Swinging cousins

The babies enjoyed a nice swing together, they are almost too big to do this anymore!

Audrey checking out rocks

Our new walker was not too happy about navigating the bumpy rocks

sweet sandy toes

but she did like playing with her sandy toes


Rylee did a good solid foot test before jumping in…

Log work

…to help the brothers move a big piece of driftwood

Kyler on the rock

We were unprepared for swimming…so the pants quickly got tossed

caleb and rock

as did every rock Caleb could find.

family pic
counsins and mamas

Isaac and Audrey were happily entertained for a long time

kids at sunset

After some ice cream and local beer samplers (for the daddy’s) we headed out to the docks

ferry at sunset

There is something so ‘Seattle’ about the ferry

rylee and mama

Loving the sunset(and that sweet toothless grin) – such a great evening!



Yay, that was so much fun! You never know how the spontaneous adventures will turn out.


Looks like you guys had a blast!! Wish I could have joined you 🙂


Great pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun. What beach were you at? It looks like Mukilteo, w/ new equipment.

Jon Sween

Bummer. Wish I had been there also. Dad


The pictures are amazing, I love them! What a beautiful family!!!


What a beautiful evening – what fun…what great memories you’re making..
I love keeping up with your family…
Enjoy every second!!!


Love the pictures and lovin’ em’ baby toes!