Festive Fondue


It was sure fun to have Isaac tonight.  Not only did they drop Isaac off before they headed out for some dinner, they also dropped off a fondue set and the makings for some chocolate fondue for our dessert.  It was delicious!  I was never much of a fan for fondue, but after tonight, I can see how it would be good fun from time to time.  One of our favorite restaurants is The Melting Pot, which is all about fondue, but I never really thought about having one at home.  After we ate our dinner we made the chocolate concoction and busted out the fondue.  Unfortunately, little Kyler did not eat his dinner so he could only look on with a forlorn face for the ages.  Thanks for coming over Isaac, we had a blast!  And thanks to your folks for the fondue, it was scrumptious!

Sweet Kyler looks on...with his dinner in front of him untouched 🙁



Kyler’s face is so sad! Poor little guy, but no dinner, no dessert!!


oh my word! Kyler’s face makes me want to cry! It’s tough being 2. The lessons to be learned…


I know…it was so sad, but yet, a lesson to be learned. Sometimes it is so hard on the parents!

Julie Huebner

Your kids are all looking so old! Crazy how fast time flies. Speaking of….Happy Birthday Rylee! When we first moved there she was 10 months old, and Luke was 9 months old. Look at them now! They are big Kindergartner’s who are losing their teeth and learning to read!