Favorite friday night dinner

It’s almost embarrassing to post this because it truly is one of the most no-brainer meals I make.  But it is a huge hit every time so I can’t help but share.  It’s the perfect meal for a busy day, for feeding a crowd or when you don’t want to heat up the house using your oven in summer.   We had a fun filled day at the beach today (forgot the sunscreen, first sunburn of the summer) and I knew we’d be tired when we got home.  So before we left I threw a 5 pound bone in pork shoulder roast into the crockpot.

We enjoyed the sand and sun with friends and it was hard to peel the kids away from it all.  We came home, rested and then enjoyed the simplest of meals together.  Here’s how it goes:

Buy a pork roast (or three) when they go on sale – my large chunk of meat cost under $5

Place the whole roast into the crockpot on LOW  in the morning, pour 1 can or bottle of root beer over the meat.

Yes, really just root beer that’s all.

Let it cook all day.  Take it out at dinner time.  Pull meat apart and drain juice from crockpot.  Put meat back in and cover with BBQ sauce of your choice.  Stubs is my standby favorite brand but sometimes I make my own from this recipe.

I cannot explain what the root beer does to the meat.  I can only testify to its extreme goodness.  I do only use natural root beer, which is made with spices and cane sugar instead of pure high fructose corn syrup like regular soda.  I don’t know if it makes a difference.  But when my husband asks for thirds every time we have it, I just make it the same way every time.  And a 5 pound roast would feed at least 10 average eaters.  For us, it is two entire meals, I always freeze the other half for a rainy day.

We tend to just eat a protein and raw or steamed veggies and fruit for dinner so we added fresh corn and cantaloupe tonight.  Easy peasy yum!

And for the record, little girls slathered in coconut oil for their sunburn are perfectly yummy too-works better than aloe vera!



Thank you – I’m going to try that. Trying to find more crock pot meals to have ready after soccer practice. Coconut oil on sunburn – great idea – we got our first sunburn a few days ago too!