Favorite authors

Before pictures of kids on sandy beaches start popping up on our blog I wanted to make sure I responded to being tagged by sweet Aundrea to list my ten favorite authors….due to lack of time and packing I can’t give much commentary on each one but here they are in case you are looking for some good reads, here you go!

1. Sally Clarkson – if you read my blog much you already know the impact this woman and her writing have had on my life.  She boldly speaks to the valuable and key role of mothering against the tide of mainstream culture.  I am so grateful a friend passed me one of her books 6 years ago, I’ve not been the same since.

2. Francis Chan – partly because of when I read his book but mostly because the message is rock-your-world powerful and awesome, he has to make the cut.

3.  John Piper – though slow for me to read because they tend to be pretty deep, everything I’ve read by him has brought me a deeper, better understanding of spiritual truths.

4.  Henry Cloud – during times of healing and counseling in my early 20’s his books provided a great framework for me as I worked through stuff

5.  L.M. Montgomery – writer of the famed Anne of Green Gables, these books are the first I remember reading and falling in love with as a teenager

6.  Danny Silk – only read one book of his but it was an incredible introduction to the place of grace and being intentional as we raise children

7.  Ann Voskamp – though her first book is only available to pre-purchase before it’s release in January, her blog has ministered to me more than most books I’ve read.  She is a tremendously gifted writer and in the last two years I’ve sat reading her words at my computer and wept as God spoke to my heart through her.

8.  The Author of Life – and all the amazing God followers who listened to the voice of their Maker and had a part in bringing to light the most transformational book in all the world…the Bible.

I’m out of time and going to stop here instead of not post because I’m not done!