Father’s Day

I have been a Daddy for over six years now and I love every minute of it.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not all roses, especially what loads up in the diaper from time to time, but being a Daddy is one of the greatest joys of my life.  Four kiddos get to claim me as their daddy whether they like it or not.  Rylee, Caleb, Kyler, and Audrey are the fab four in my life.  Each one has my heart completely.

This year for Father’s Day each of the kids got me something that they thought I would really enjoy.  Here, in visual form is what they came up with (they know their Daddy so well):



Rylee’s Gifts


Caleb’s Gift


Kyler’s Gift

This would have been more than enough to make my day, knowing that the kids each thought of something that their Daddy would love.  (And I loved them all!)  However, Karissa had one more gift for me.  She made me a photo book from Shutterfly.  As I opened the pages and looked at the pictures and read what she wrote, I was overwhlemed by the amount of love, support, and adoration I receive from my family.  They are the best.  Thank you so much Rylee, Caleb, Kyler, Audie, and of course, thank you my love, you are a gift from God, all of you!



awesome gifts! doesn’t get any better than that.