Farewell to Friends

Good Friends

Yesterday we had the difficult job of saying goodbye to dear friends.  Nate and Monica are now driving across the country as they relocate to Philadelphia.  I have been friends with Nate for the better half of my life even though at one point he dated my little sister-in-law.  In fact, the other day, Karissa and I were watching our wedding video on our anniversary and I saw a picture of Nate and I that brought back many wonderful memories.  It was the two of us getting baptized together.  We both had recently made a commitment to follow Jesus the remainder of our life.  This was not any decision made as a result of some established organized church, for both of this, this was a direct result of an initial and ongoing encounters with the Jesus Christ.  Nate, it was a privilege to be baptized with you and have you stand up for me as my best man and I can not think of a better match for you than Monica (even though she is taking you to the East Coast).  As with all of our friends, Nate and Monica are considered family and will always be family.  We are grateful that Audrey had the opportunity to meet Nate and Monica before they left.  Here’s to a successful trip from coast to coast, fulfillment found in new jobs, and joy for a new community of family and friends.  Our hats go off to Philadelphia…you scored a great couple.