Family canning

Caleb cut beans for almost 3 hours today.  With his mama.  At the kitchen counter.  The boy loves doing meaningful work.  He was literally happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.  He thrives on making a valued contribution.  It was a delight to hang out with him.

Audrey and Rylee owned the tomato situation last night.  35 pounds done in just a couple hours thanks to the fantabulous teamwork that took place.  Truly some of our best family times are spent in the kitchen together.

I can barely move at this point but we’ve had a great time canning so far.  I didn’t realize how tired I was or how pregnant I am until I broke down sobbing over a chicken nugget at the dinner table last night!

Many hands may make light work.  They also make a mess.  And memories too…



How sweet and wonderful! Are all those green beans from your garden?


I wish! No, they were from the fruit stand where I bought 160 pounds of peaches, 45 pounds of nectarines and 22 pounds of plums…they looked so good I could not pass up a box!


WOW. You are truly amazing.