Fall craft time

With a house full of sick ones we are laying low this week but it’s nice already doing school at home because we can still plug along on books and some things as we snuggle on the couch and drink tea together.  If anything we read more because everyone is slow and droopy.   I don’t have to fret about who can go to school and who can’t, how to make up work and all that.  So thankful (again) we are in this journey of learning together.

Last fall we made these lovely window hangings inspired by our friend Kim when she made them with her boys  and this year we decided to make them again.  It was so neat to see the way things change in a year.  The oldest two have so much more attention to detail and beauty and picked such a wonderful mix of ‘fall items’ on our nature walk.  We pressed them for two days under heavy boxes then completed these:

October 2009 055
October 2009 059
October 2009 062

All you need is some clear contact paper, string, a stick, some hot glue and some nicely pressed fall nature items.  Each kid chose different items and placed them on the contact paper just where they wanted them and I punched holes in the top to thread yarn through, glued the yarn around the stick and that’s it!

I really love autumn.  And I love having little artists around who love to make things with me!



So fun!! They are super cute. I love fall 🙂


I really want one! Have the little sickies make a couple for DeeDee!!!


I second that! Auntie Stephie would love one, too!!


Those are wonderful!! I’m still not sure if there are ever any fall leaves around here. Its now the season to plant petunias – still quite peculiar to me but I’m enjoying them on the back porch.


Oh, they’re beautiful! Was just thinking we should make these again this year too!