Downtown tradition

Our best efforts at getting to downtown Seattle this year, as we do every year with Danielle and Todd, were foiled by unbelievable traffic. We ended up in Bellevue instead, not quite the same but better than nothing. This is how the traffic made DeeDee feel:


Other highlights were Christopher and Todd posing with the snow princess only to find no memory left in the camera…Kyler running through Macy’s smack into a very large man square between the legs…Kyler reaching to take the bottom box of chocolates from a giant pyramid of Frango Chocolates.




Oh my…that is some look on DeeDee’s face!! Sad that you didn’t make it downtown. I guess the weather was crazy! REALLY wish you had a picture of the boys with the snow princess!! That is also hilarious about Kyler running into the man…how did he react??? See you all in just a few days 🙂


@Steph – the man did some “checking” after the collision. See you soon.




So Danielle needs to meet my sister…we have some similar photos. 🙂 It makes me happy to see Audrey in that snowsuit!! It has one of my favorite memories with Elise in her first snow last year…I was just thinking about it today as she checked out her first snow walking (and did a face-plant right into it!).