December highlights

Just since I sort of use this blog as a ‘scrapbook’ of our family amongst other things, here were some favorite moments from the holiday season…

Our first ‘live’ Christmas tree this year – and the happy decorators

making cranberry popcorn garland, a first for us and very fun

awesome daddy-Phineas snuggles

the annual Christmas cookie making party at Nana’s complete with cocoa in tiny Christmas mugs – always a hit – and Nana was extra cool this year and even adapted to our gluten free needs without us even asking!

plenty of time over Christmas break for playing baby with little brother (and yes, in case you wondered, he is wearing a ballet skirt, a onesie, a purple superhero cape and a backwards baby bonnet in the first photo)

and time for ‘let’s all sit with Papa’ – wait do you see him?!?

oh yes, there he is!

and the ever expressive Nana…

who every once in a while slows down to pose for a picture

Christmas morning cutie with her stocking

and his new tools

and his pillow pet

and her totally beautiful smile

cousin hugs…

and beloved uncle shoulders

my crazy handsome men

Phineas Jon – 10 months old – on Christmas

one guess as to who told me later “this is the WORST day ever!” – we were a bit over-scheduled over the holidays (at least for some of us) and there were some rough moments but all in all there were many wonderful memories made