Day two-26 for 26

It’s our second day with chicks and all 26 are still here.  They have to be the most loved chicks ever.  Rylee asked to sleep with “Fluffy”.  We had to say no to that.  More on that later. For now, just pictures.


The kids are playing chick daycare.  Above is the naptime location, an unused potty bowl.  After they nap they get play time and promptly poop and run all over the bathroom floor.  It is really a sight to behold and no words do it justice.



WAY too cute!! The boys want to know if they can come visit the “baby” chicks when we visit Seattle. 🙂

Julie Huebner

We are getting chickens too! We are going to keep them out at my brother’s house though. My kids are SOOO looking forward to it! Cute pictures!


they look sooo soft!! i wanna hold one!!! wishing i was there for all the fun….soon though 🙂


With great excitement, Thomas today said, “Can we get some baby chicks too so we can put them in the pool?!!” (It was in the 90’s for the first time today so we blew up our pool.) Tom had to gently let us down and tell us that the chickens wouldn’t make it through a summer here!!!!