Day 1

Thanks for all you who were wondering about how my day went. It was a good day overall, I had a chance to ride along with another field representative and got a great picture of what it looks like to go up to a home and do an estimate. I have much to


learn, in fact the learning curve is pretty high in identifying existing insulation, reasons why to updgrade to an R38, etc.

I know you were all hoping I had stories of my first encounter with the wildlife that can live under homes. Fortunately, in the only space we entered that had rats, we did not make any visual contact. The only real story I have is that the fella who I was riding on with (a great guy) accidentally left the tailgate open while we drove from Marysville to Seattle. As it turned out, the only thing that was lost was his lunch box. Lame for him, but it ended up in him buying me lunch at Wendy’s.  I tried to buy but he wouldn’t let me, hence the great guy comment.

The good news is that I bought my very first pair of coveralls! They look great, feel great, but not quite like a pair of new socks…they just aren’t as cozy.  Okay, the truth is they don’t feel great…but they get the job done and are comfortable.



Coveralls that feel great? Hmm, that is interesting. Free Wendy’s is always a good thing though. Miss seeing you around man.


Can’t wait to see the coveralls!! I am all about having a job that requires the use of comfortable work attire…hello, SCRUBS!! I mean, that was a major selling point in pursuing a career in nursing 🙂


@Pen – that’s why you gotta go with the dickies 🙂


Steph you are way too funny!
Chris, glad your first day went well!!
Oh, I can’t wait to hear when you see your first rat(s), and whether or not you get the well-liked nickname of “rat-guy”.