Daily snapshot(s)

Too hard to pick just one this week:

This is what kids do in Seattle (or the Pacific Northwest!) when summer forgets to come and it rains day after day after day all the way through July – they sell cookies and hot tea in the rain with an umbrella and a cover on the cookie plate.
Totally on their own initiative, I was so tickled!

It amazes me how when we take the time to put up the easel (outdoors), get out lots of paint colors, big paper pieces and set up ‘art shop’ how the creating always ends up more inspired, more carefully done, more thoughtful.

A seven year old boy does this kind of thing for me, often.
He knows how it makes me smile.
He tries to subtly be around when I open the freezer door to find gorilla –
or the fridge to find a plastic snake on the egg carton.
Oh the grins he gives!


Danielle Sween Jorgenson

Cute, love Caleb’s monkey in the freezer. can just picture his cute little sheepish grin.