Daily snapshot

Last week I glanced around and realized someday I’m not going to remember this moment.  So many little moments combine themselves to make each day and lack of sleep leaves me foggy at best many days.  I’m usually thinking of the next thing that needs to be done or even the next five things that need doing.  It’s hard for me to slow down enough to enter into simple, sweet moments with my children.  But I am certain that the times I do are what make okay days into great days or bad days into tolerable ones.

So I grabbed my camera and took just one picture of my five all just doing what they do one rainy morning in June:

I realize its not going to win any awards in photo journalism.  Totally fine with me.  I just want to remember the candid, messy moments that I know are fleeting and will give way to grown children sooner than I’d like.  I loved it so much, just looking at it later that night, pondering all the little nuances of it, that I might do it every week.  Just aim to capture them all living out their sweet days doing what they do….

  • Phineas in his bouncy, where he only likes to be if there are siblings busy around to watch and listen to
  • Boys reading in their zones on the couch, careful not to cross the ‘middle line’ of the book pile
  • Toys on the floor
  • Rylee getting books for her little sis then sitting to read to her
  • what a nice chance it is for me when they are all happy like this to grab a cup of coffee or change the laundry real quick!

Today as I thought about this picture and just the idea that time will just keep on moving and its up to me how I spend it, I opted to play UNO with the 7 year old who has asked me to play every day for 5 days.  I built a lego duplo set with the 3 year old who was lonely in her room and needed help.  It doesn’t really matter that UNO drives me nuts, his whole face lit up when he beat me, fair and square.  And listening to Audrey explain the exciting lives of the lego horses to me, pretty sure it was the sweetest thing I’ll hear all day.




Chris Strovas

I miss those sweet kids throughout the day! Way to capture it in a photo.


Dang it, now I’m crying about how quickly “these days” are going. Ahh, make them slow down and stop growing up so fast. I feel like Izy and Audrey were just learning to crawl yesterday.


They were…it seriously is still all so fresh them being tiny babies together! It was the in the top 5 best times of my life having those two babes join the world just 6 weeks apart. 🙂 How are we so crazy blessed sister?

Jon Sween

Love those five wonderful grandkids. The more the better.

Tom & Kristin McKinnon

I LOVE the picture of all five!! Aidan just said, “Oh, look, its Phineas! I like baby Phineas. He’s cute. He’s c-u-t-e! Baby Phineas is cute.” Well said. Audrey is adorable in that dress and I can’t believe how grown up the older 4 look.