Daily snapshot

This is what 4 month old baby Finn does every day…all day:

I don’t mean sit around naked in his exersaucer thing.  I mean spit up.  He can projectile his entire feeding in less than 5 seconds.

I know no one really needs to know but this is just for me, since I’ll forget the seven outfit changes for him and three for me in one day and how he and I combined are one whole wash load at the end of most days.

He obviously isn’t hurting for food.  Or concerned for my wardrobe issues.

My goodness do I love his chubby self!


Julie Strovas

His chubby self is adorable!


I just wanna squeeze those cheeks!! What a little cutie 🙂 You do good work!


So sweet! Penny has the same excersaucer, but she isn’t a fan.