Daily snapshot

Yes, its almost noon and these boys are still in jammies in the back yard.  But it is summer after all…

Yes, that is my green tupperware full of almost grown tadpoles that all died last week when the bowl got tipped over.

Yes, that’s a trashed mattress in the dirt pile that Kyler is reading on with his special blankie.  That’s how we roll.

And yes, that’s Caleb’s campout fort in the corner of our yard.  Complete with Star Wars Visual Dictionary, several baseball bats (don’t ask what they’re for), fake flowers hung overhead, and his favorite stuffed animals tucked into the branches.

I think I should do this every week…just so I remember.







I love the set up!!So fun!!!!!!!!!!!


I love just how real you being with these pictures. It is real life after all, not doctored-up-for-the-blog life. We all have crazy stuff somewhere in the yard, don’t we? Great idea to record this–these are the moments you’ll want to remember.

Tom & Kristin McKinnon

I love the photo of Kyler reading on top of the mattress outside, like its just an everyday kind of thing to do. Both the boys in their spots just makes me smile!


lol, I have to laugh at this picture because I can really relate!! With 2 little boys running and having fun our yard is anything but pristine. I heard someone say to the effect, that we “aren’t “doing” yards, we are “doing” kids”. So true.

Fyi, I started a “theme post” on our family blog called Happiness Is…., based off your daily picture. I love the idea of capture the normal, everyday memories! Thanks for that inspiration.


I love it-what a great idea!

And I love the ‘doing kids’ quote – I will remember that. Last month someone came into our back yard and remarked “Well, I guess having this many kids takes its toll on your yard…”.

I guess it does!