Daddy time

One of the hardest adjustments, even two years into the ‘new’ job, is the change in flexibility, length of work days and the loss of the 4 weeks of vacation a year.  However grateful we are for steady work, as with all things, there are challenges.  One of the greatest has been still maintaining family time and carving out the individual time each of our kids needs with us.  Lately I’ve been hearing a lot more of “When’s my time with dad?” and “I can’t wait for the daddy daughter dance” (which incidentally isn’t till next fall!).  So despite being a very weary 9 months pregnant, it was clear this needed to be pulled to the front burner right away.

Caleb and his dad spent Saturday afternoon discovering the adventure of letter-boxing.  It proved a tremendously fun activity for them both.  And the girls spent a long while getting dressed up and doing their hair for a nice dinner out with their daddy.  They were beaming as they took off with him and came home with their little love tanks quite filled up.  I’m so worn out from the weekend that we’re having to take the day off school and I’ve not moved from the couch nearly all morning (and I might still be in my pj’s)…but it was worth it!



The look on your daughters’ faces says it all. What a fabulous idea!