Daddy Daughter Dance

Northshore’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance is upon us once again. Each year they use the opportunity to have Dads bring their daughter’s on a date for dancing and dessert to raise money for two great causes. This year’s causes are a Safe Haven in Cambodia to combat the human trafficking of children and the Havilah School in Nicaragua. Rylee is so excited to go she has had her dress picked out for about a week.  It has been hanging that long on the side of Audrey’s crib.  The other day she told me she had even picked out the tights. She said the only thing she needs to do is have mama straighten her hair.  Tomorrow is the big day and I can’t wait to take my little girl (who is just about to lose her first tooth) on a dancing date.




can’t wait to see pictures from the dance! mom told me about the lose tooth. she said it took her awhile to figure out what exactly rylee was saying! she is getting so big!


The two of you will have a great time! And I cant believe she has a lose tooth! Thats very exciting! Will the tooth fairy bring her anything?? 🙂