Crafty (but sweet) Kyler

Well, anyone with suggestions about how to keep Kyler out of my room BESIDES using the doorknob covers that are supposed to keep kids out, let me know. Audrey sleeps in our room and was napping this morning, I went to get something out of the car, came back to find my door open. This time Kyler wasn’t busy emptying baby bath products, but laying all snuggled up in Audrey’s co-sleeper with his arm around her. This time, this is what I saw…

Yes I know, our room is a little less than clean…but in the words of a darling sign I saw on our vacation last week “Happiness is spending time with your kids instead of worrying about a clean house”.

On another note, Rylee and Kyler enjoyed the Monster Truck Show on Friday with their Dad.



Oh my gosh!! That is so naughty, but SO sweet!! I can’t believe he figured out those door knob covers! I just can’t get over how cute that picture of the two of them is 🙂