Christmas fun

I’m back from my blogging break. It’s been a long week. But here are some highlights for the fam:


Reade Christmas Tree Farm in Snohomish provided us a great tree for cheap, rolling hills covered with trees, a tractor ride and free cocoa. This may have been the first year we had no major meltdown or marital “disagreement” on the day we got our tree, hooray for that!


Ever wonder what 2 1/2 batches of chex mix looks like? Here you go. See the nice sharing taking place with my three little cooks? Those are my favorite moments. They measured all the ingredients for me and shook it all up and have done their fair share of eating it too 🙂


We were planning on 16 children this morning at our house for our Christmas Craft morning, but we only had 11 due to colds and such. It was fun, the kids decorated wrapping paper, made ornaments and iced sugar cookies (or rice cakes!).


In other unrelated news, I am excited to be back to cloth diapering for Audrey, now having enough to go 2 full days before washing, which is my bare minimum for my own sanity. The above are my new (bad photo sorry!) darling dipes for little Audie girl. When diapers are this cute, who wouldn’t want to cloth diaper? Thanks Amanda for the great diapers and the custom capes for our boys for Christmas. I can hardly stand to keep them hidden for 15 more days!



Thank you for such a wonderful time Karissa. We had a blast.


Yeah, so fun to read your update!! So glad you had a great Christmas tree day.
I was so sorry to miss this morning. Nobody else has gotten Elise’s “cold” & I’m wondering if its extreme teething going on.


I do hope the diapers fit well and I had to wrap up my son’s cape as soon as I was done with it otherwise I was have had to just give it too him! Enjoy!


The chax mix looks so good. And its great that you have lots of help. I also love the new pictures you have up on the side of the kids. Hope your week is going well! Miss you all so very much!
Lots of love,


Looks like SO much fun!! Hard to believe I will be there for all the Christmas traditions next year! Cannot wait to see you all in less than a week! xoxo.



uh, is it bad that i had to look up your clever post on my blog to figure out what the anterior cruciate ligament is!!?? am i really six months away from being a nurse?? oh well, i hate ortho!!