Christmas Creativity


I am so excited for Christmas! Why you ask? For a number of reasons, but right now, I can ‘t wait to exchange gifts with Todd, Danielle, Stephanie and Karissa. This was the first year that we decided to to the old draw name trick. I was not too excited about it, because who doesn’t like opening up two gifts instead of one…but it made sense to save some dinero as well as continue our pattern of trying to make Christmas not all about the indulgence of stuff.  However, when Danielle suggested that we do something creative for our drawn name, I began to get really excited.  What a potentially (I’ll let you know for sure in about a month) great tradition…to give a gift as well as some creative expression.  This could be a poem, dramatic re-enactment, song, sculpture, carving, skit, story, painting, pantomime, etc.  Not only am I looking forward to sharing my creativity with the person who’s name I drew, but I can not wait to see what everyone comes up with.  It is all going to be a surprise, so it should prove to be quite enjoyable.  

Karissa and I are continually trying to solidify our family traditions and have been pretty dilligent in thinking through how we want to experience the Christmas season as a family.  I am sure we will share about those in the days to come.  Until then, what are your favorite Christmas Traditions?




When my sisters and I were younger, all six of us would climb into the car and go look at christmas lights as a family. But then we all grew up… haha
And every year on Christmas after dinner my dad reads the story of Jesus being born.


Every year, we go to dinner with my dad and sister and then drive around ballard looking at lights. And as always we will go to the store, fill up a childs cart with food, and walk it to the family center for donation.This is great for Logan to pick out his own food to donate.


We’re still fully in the phase of trying to figure out our own Christmas traditions… I really like the idea of making something, especially if it is something that brings the glory back to Christ. We’ve felt convicted that we need to find ways to make Christmas about more than just getting stuff. Somehow, just reading the account of Jesus’ birth out loud doesn’t quite feel like enough! It’s cool to think about how many different ways we could all contribute something that would bring the focus back to our Saviour… Thanks for sharing that.

Julie Huebner

We do something similar. We draw names as well, but the gifts have to be homemade. It is always a blast to see what people come up with! The kids are even getting into it now, so that’s a lot of fun. You can see a bunch of pictures of the previous years gifts on my blog. I love doing the homemade gifts because it is personal and practical, and a lot of love goes into each gift. Have a great Holiday season!


I CANNOT wait for our skits, dramatic reenactments, etc. at Christmas!! It’s gonna be SWEEEEET.