Choosing thanks

Somehow a whole week passed without words on here…so I’ll just do what I promised myself I would, keep giving thanks.  Instead of complaining.  Instead of finding fault.  Instead of turning inward, closing up, which hurts less.

# 9  the promise of upcoming time away with my love

#10  answers that come from asking hard questions

#11  courage to seek out a challenge

#12  acceptance despite grave flaws

#13  promises kept

#14  verbal explosion from a fuzzy haired thumb sucker

#15  dreams

#16  the joy that ‘clean’ brings

#17  the far greater joy that I trust will come when the months-long-night is over

#18  the forgiveness of children

#19  a husband who works so hard

#20  using fine china even with children everywhere

#21  the delight of hosting a Mother’s Day dinner party for 21 dear people

#22  watching men carefully wash my wedding china

#23  fine wine, a board of cheese and food made with 12 cloves of garlic!

#24  my second-favorite flowers in bloom in my yard

holy experience



I so enjoyed reading this. And you look amazing, by the way. 🙂