Chef Mom

Audrey Rose almost 6 months old!

Heard today at home:

Rylee (while putting her socks away, to herself) – “These are my husbands socks, his feet are just so big!


Me (doing math with the kids on our walk): “If you add all our kids and all Kim’s kids, how many do you get?”

Rylee: “A lot….let’s see….it takes both hands….eight, eight kids!”


Caleb – “Did you know my dad has MckGuinness socks Nana!” (Nana bought him Guinness beer socks in Ireland last month)


Kids calling me from the family room: “Cook, can we please order 15 goldfish and 6 almonds?”

Me: “Yes, thank you for saying please but I’m not sure I want to be called cook.”

Kids: “Chef, can we please order…..”

So chef it is, I can deal with that. It implies some sort of excellence in my making of oatmeal, grilled cheese and tomato soup today.



Oh, thank you for the great laughs!!! I’m in the middle of packing for our trip tomorrow. I love the cook/chef comments. You are such an amazing writer. Oh, and Audrey Rose is getting cuter and cuter.


So great! I love the heard comments the best…amazing how Rylee has all these little thoughts about her husband at such a young age.

Justin and I still laugh about her sorting her 300 children by age. It has become a tagline in our house 🙂

Thankful for you today and for our two hands of kids!!


that is so sweet! that pic of audrey is so beautiful….hard to believe she is almost six months old.