Celebrating New Year’s Eve with children

Since I just found out my husband is working late on New Year’s Eve and I know at least one of my friends has a husband out of town so she’ll be alone with her kids…I was delighted to find a great article on a blog I love with some really fun ideas for making New Year’s Eve a kid-friendly time.  If you are in need of some inspiration for tomorrow nights festivities, hop on over here!

Though our kids are little I’m still going to give the “time capsule” a try and see what we come up with.  And the noise makers for sure, noise is always fun!



Thanks for the link! My husband will be working until after 7(praisd God for work!)and I will ahve a friends twins for the evening. We will be having fun with these projects!!!Thank you


Can’t wait to get started on these fun activities after naptime – the kids are excited for our “party”! Thank you!