Carvin’ up some fun

Saturday morning we went to a local pumpkin patch with Stephanie, Danielle, Todd, and Isaac.  It had rained significantly on Friday, so by the time we got there, it was pretty muddy.  You will have to wait to see some of the pictures to come from that day, but for now we will show you the vegetable of our labor.  We let the kids pick some nice pumpkins (they had to be able to lift the pumpkin into the wheelbarrow on their own).  Daddy cut open the tops and then each  of the kids took out the guts.  They each then chose something to go on the pumpkin and then watched as Daddy tried to come up with something that resembled what they were hoping for.  Going right to left: Rylee, Caleb, Kyler.  Maybe next year Audie will be able to lift one into the wheelbarrow.

Kyler Carve
Caleb Carve
Rylee Carve
Group Carve



Umm– those are AMAZING!!! Nicely done. Wanna come over and carve mine??


I could probably carve a plunger into yours.


Wow dad that looks great! Good job to everyone!


Thanks Nate!

grammy strovas

Fantastic, what big pumpkins you lifted; what exciting jack-o-lanterns; what skillful carving; inspires me to give it a try!


Look at Caleb’s haircut, he looks so big!!!! Looks like you all had fun carving pupkins!!!!!!


Those pumpkins are amazing! Looks like a lot of memorable fun. Thanks for sharing.


They are beautiful!! I was going to clean the pumpkins out at naptime but that looks too fun for the kids to clean them out themselves.


Wow, you have some skills Christopher. Those look awesome!


Wow those are amazing Chris! I bet they loved them!