Can you guess what we’re doing?

“Pressure’s rising!  It’s just about there – it’s at a 4 now!!!”

“I need a new job, can I be the boiler?”

“We have a steady stream, yep, it’s holding steady!”

“SPLIT!!!  Big SPLIT!”

These have all been heard around here the last hour.

It is pretty exciting (grin).



canning something?!!!!


Yes! Good guess, tomatoes, which have to be done in a pressure canner instead of a water bath one. If you didn’t know, it would sure sound exciting if you could hear the glee in my children’s voices 🙂


Oh how cool!! Where did you get the tomatoes? I can’t imagine a more fun thing for the kids to be doing – I hope we can can next year. Your peaches from last year were amazingly yummy. 🙂


We got them from the same place we get our peaches, have 80 pounds of peaches on our porch right now just waiting for me…tis the season!!!


I had to check back and see if you posted what exactly you guys were up to. I thought canning, but with a bunch of little boys around (at your place and mine!) my guess was also leaning toward something to do with trains…steam/boiler etc.

I am scared of canning, I fear I will poison my family. So, we processed and froze all our tomatoes for this year. It was our first attempt at a garden, so maybe I will get the courage to try out canning next year.