Can we be done with this already?

Shane Claiborne, author and a founding partner of The Simple Way, a community of followers of Jesus who choose to live among and serve the poor of Philadelphia, has written a controversial book entitled “Jesus for President.”  In this book, Claiborne makes the claim that it should not matter as much who Christians vote for on Nov. 4th, but how they live their lives on Nov. 3rd and Nov. 5th.  I couldn’t agree more.  I believe it is important for followers of Jesus to be engaged in the political process but more so to be about the method and message of Jesus in their daily lives.  I personally can not wait until this election cycle is over, but I find myself being challenged by the words and life of Claiborne.  I will not, however, be writing in Jesus for President.




Hi Chris, if you enjoyed Shane’s book there’s a good friend of his named Brandt, who sold everything he owned to live among the homeless and neglected. Anyway, here’s one of his websites…hope it’s as encouraging and convicting you and as it was to us.

Peace to you and Karissa, Heather


I’m laughing out loud at your comment on my Heard post…I can just see the two of you out there together!

Actually I love this post, so thank you for writing it….and I’ve spent a lot of hours lately thinking about your Snake vs. Fish post too…