LOVE these pictures!! LOVE the ones with Kyler, Caleb & Rylee by themselves. LOVE the one of the Christopher and Rylee with bare feet. LOVE nana with wet hair and clothes after playing in the fountain. I may need to request you upload these onto shutterfly so I can order some copies!!


What a wonderful day you must have all had! Might I assume that the Avian Flu has left the building?!


Indeed, we are all well (wink wink)!


How fun! Makes me want to have a bunch of kids!!


Go for it!


Hey!! I hope you got more sleep last night. I actually got 2 4-hour chunks – woo-hoo!!! Best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

OK, so my favorites are the one of Caleb – he just looks so perfectly happy, as if that was the moment he chose to share with the world how much he was basking in his day. And my other fav is you and your boys…its so recharging to have moments like those! Oh, and super cool photo of the needle.