He is almost 7.  His life has taught me more than I could have dreamed.  He has literally and figuratively brought me to my knees in the most beautiful way.

Last night he was assigned by Daddy to be my Costco helper.  The list was long.  His little chest puffed with pride as he lifted every item into my cart and beamed as 3 different people told him what a great help he was.

When we drove home and I told him, again, how much I appreciated his hard work, he responded:  “I already know mama, three times tonight I’ve already heard that!”.  I grinned to myself.

Then, almost home, talking about how strong he is.  He let me know that only Daddy is stronger than him in our family.  He then listed everyone and their level of strength.  When he got to baby Phineas he said:

“Well, he is stronger than the next baby!  You know…the one that comes next?”

I’m smiling thinking, holy moly I’m only 8 weeks post-partum!

“How old will I be when the next baby comes? Maybe 11?”

I answered that I wasn’t sure but that often babies came every couple years.  That God knows and His plans are good.

Time to go snuggle that baby who is rocking on his sisters’ shoulder at the moment!  Eight weeks old yesterday….how do these days pass so fast?!?



That boy is just the best! He definitely is the strongest almost 7 yo I know!