Caleb gets a break


Yesterday afternoon, Caleb had a little incident in the kitchen where he hurt his foot.  Since neither Karissa or I saw the whole thing, this is what think transpired.  Caleb was standing on one of the kitchen chairs and was leaning back.  When the chair went out from under him, he came tumbling down.  As he fell, his foot went up and slammed the bottom of the kitchen table.  Luckily he did not hurt his head throughout this process.

Well, after he limped the rest of the day we figured we should take a trip to the E.R. to get some xrays taken of Caleb’s foot.  It is official – he has a small fracture on his right foot.  Apparently he is too small for crutches or a boot, so some ace bandage and rest for three-four weeks and he should be as good as new.  It should be an interesting month keeping Caleb off his foot.  We will be calling our Dr. tomorrow to see if there are any options that will help him keep his injury in mind.  If you think of him over the next few weeks, pray that he can choose to stay off his foot.  Most of you know Caleb and the idea of him not jumping, running, or dancing around for a month is not too plausible.  We will see how this goes.

By the way, the Dr. at the ER was the best I have ever experienced with kids in the ER.  Unfortunately we have actually had more experience in the ER than we would like.  This is Caleb’s third trip to the ER. She was great with Caleb…had him laughing the whole time.  All it took was for her to ask him if his “foot” (pointing to his hand) hurt when she was trying to see where the foot hurt.  Thanks Doc for taking extra care to make it a bit easier on Caleb!




I am so sorry!I am praying for you all, and Karissa from what i know fo you, you are full of creative ideas and projects. Im sure he will stay busy. Let me know any ideas you come up with. Big hugs to you all.

Julie Huebner

We just went through this with our two year old! That is exactly where Joseph broke his, but it was the toe next to the big toe. Weird! I kept Joe’s wrapped in an ace bandage, and we made him wear shoe’s at all times, except when he was sleeping, so that he wouldn’t bump or jar it. Actually, he was a very good judge of when he was overdoing it…he would come and say “boo boo hurts”. We’ll be praying for him as he recovers!


I will be praying for him and that his foot will heal fast.


praise for answered prayer for good help in ER–will be praying for healing


Oh, goodness! Best wishes for a happy and quick recovery; praying for lots of rest and healing.


Poor guy! I remember my younger brother broke his foot when he was about 2, and ended up in a cast for a month. He too, was not big enough for crutches, so he crawled around that whole time! Hope it heals fast!


You 2 take such diligent care of your kids. Whew, I also am glad he didn’t hit his head. I’m still so surprised (and HAPPY) I haven’t had any of these ER visits with 2 boys in the house!