Bugs, Bath, and Back to Work

I am back to work today but wishing I was at home.  We gave Audrey her first bath today, she was a champ.  Rylee of course has been a huge help with everything Audrey.


Here is the team



A little helping hand from her sister
The finished product...a clean Audrey!






Rylee words

Even with all of her efforts at taking care of Audrey, she still has time to learn to write.  Here are a few of her recent words: 


He has had better days...


Unfortunately Kyler got some bug the other day and woke up with a nose full of the junk.  Here he is looking a bit out of sorts.





What a beautiful family you’ve got there! Congrats on the beautiful addition.


Please tell Karissa that she looks so beautiful! The amazing mom of 4. I don’t know how she does it but i’m amazed. And she still has time to put on make up. Riley looks like such a good big sister. I echo what Mer said…what a beautiful family!