Me (listening to Rylee be super bossy to her brothers): “Rylee, are you being too bossy?

Rylee: “No mom, I’m just telling them what to do!”

Spoken like a true firstborn (I should know…although truly, Danielle was more bossy than me growing up, mainly because she was more creative and thus had to tell us all what to do!)

One more thought from today-the best part about schooling at home is that I can’t let the day get away and just try and do laundry, dishes, cooking, refereeing, etc. I get to do my best at those things but much more importantly, I am far more intentional about my time with the kids. With that, the days go smoother, I work more on housework late at night and leave my days as more ‘kid time’. It surprises me how wonderful this is to me.



Oh my goodness, I am right there with you! Week 2 and I am wondering….why are school days the most pleasant ones yet?!

Julie Huebner

Amen to that! My kids always do best with structure. I enjoy them so much more when they aren’t fighting, destroying things, and just randomly making messes because they are bored! They seem so much more content with a “purpose” to their day! (chores, schoolwork, etc.) Isn’t homeschooling fun? I just love it!


I am so glad you guys are having such a fun time!! Seriouly, Danielle was so bossy!! I remember when we played house she would always make me be the dog or the cat. It is so great being the youngest 🙂