Boardman Lake Trail

It was a glorious day, over 90 degrees but hiking through an old growth cedar forest canopy it didn’t feel too bad.  The short hike ended at a warm alpine lake where we played for hours…

“Fishing” but catching no fish,
building rock towers,
enjoying the company of lovely new friends,
laughing a lot,
getting wet and liking it

Not sure we could ask for a better Saturday – even if it is a monumental ordeal getting kids ready, lunch packed, van stuffed, etc to head to the mountains (at one point on the way I wondered why we even attempted it-honest!)



Did you see Mike and Kim on the trail? They planned to do that hike on Sat too!


We did not see Mike and Kim, but we did see about 40 other people…it was a bit more crowded than I had anticipated.


Looking good there buddy. I think someone has been working out. 🙂


Great pictures! Glad you guys had fun!