This is it.  Pure bliss.  Every mother’s dream.  All four kids, caught on film napping at the very same time.  How wonderful.  Yes, Rylee and Caleb are sleeping in Rylee’s bed.  They often pretend/try to nap together but it never works out.  I sarcasically said they could try today, knowing in 3 minutes I’d be splitting them up (Caleb doesn’t nap) but lo and behold, I found them like this.

Four kids at Costco (when it was more crowded than I had EVER seen it) however, is not pure bliss.  Far from it.  We went late because Kyler threw up all his vitamins all over the light tan couch this morning in a coughing fit and it took a while to clean up-like lunch time-and scraped up enough samples to make it through but with all four in the cart and all our groceries, this being our last Costco trip for quite some time I’m sure, by the end my kids were opening all sorts of things in the cart to satisfy their hunger and I had shaky legs from pushing the enormous weight of the cart around the store.  Wow, run on sentence I know.  You should have been there.

And what am I doing with my kid free moment?  Blogging and dishes and laundry and cooking of course.



Love it!! The one of Rylee and Caleb is precious. I guess sledding isn’t the only thing that makes him tired enough to nap!! Love you.


Oh my goodness – the photos are too precious for words. Mine are all sleeping right now too!!! What am I doing with MY free time? Shopping online for Aidan’s birthday but I should be cleaning.