Best part of vacation?

You might think it was this…







or this…







or this…







but it was unanimously this:








After almost two years at his ‘new’ job, we were all lucky enough to have 11 whole days with daddy in one of the most beautiful places ever.  Priceless.  More to come.  Just wanted to say “we’re home”.  And that it was an epic adventure for our growing family.



Yeah! BEAUTIFUL! So glad you’re back and had a wonderful time. There is nothing like having the entire family together for days on end. What a gift! (And a long-awaited one!)


You’re teasing me with pictures of beautiful Hawaii by having snowflakes falling on your blog! Oh how I miss Hawaii so much! I’m glad you all had a most wonderful time and I love the last picture (look at those tans!) — makes me want to have four babies! p.s Any advice for traveling with kids? We’re flying to Arizona in January.


Ahh, those pictures are wonderful and I agree with Mina, the last one is the BEST! I also love the snowflakes falling….


Oh, these pictures made me CRY. What an amazing blessing this trip must have been for you all. Missed you and glad you had a wonderful time!