Best of…

The way this week has gone I’m more than tempted to do a ‘worst of’ post…if you’ll notice I didn’t even manage to post my continuing gratitude list this past Monday!  But in the interest of positive thinking, here’s the best of the week so far:

best chocolate cocoa mustache

best bedhead

best voracious reader (logged 3 hours yesterday!)

best 5-year old boy prayer:

Dear Jesus, I pray that mama would have better s’s than me.  That I could write them someday.  I pray for daddy to be safe when he gets up and goes to work.  I pray for all the animals, creatures, the birds, the dinosaurs…are there any still alive?  I pray that all the animals would live and not die.  I pray for mama’s garden, the family garden in the back yard, that it would grow lots of flowers.  When it grows the flowers that we can pick them all for mama.  Amen.

best morning moment – stolen while kids watched a quick movie and for once, the baby slept somewhere else besides in my arms.  loving the starbucks VIA that allows me my one cup of coffee in no time at all and the frozen muffins in my freezer that mean I get breakfast every day.

best craigslist find – a giant box of fantastic, classic books for a great price….with how finicky this sweet babe is, they need all the books they can get their hands on to keep them occupied while I rock, wrap, wear, nurse, soothe, bounce, walk, change and calm the little man 🙂

best bathroom cleaner – Rylee (all on her own) spent a half hour cleaning the bathroom even organized the toothbrushes, just to be a blessing!

best sleepover buddies – Rylee and Audrey had a camp-out in sleeping bags on their bedroom floor last night just for fun, I loved peeking in on them throughout the night all snugged up next to each other

best big brother prayer – after I prayed for Caleb last night, he prayed this once single sentence that melted my heart:

I pray that Phineas would grow up to be a great man.  Amen.

best shower – the one last night, after 4 days of not washing my hair, after being in pj’s all day and after an explosive burp/spit up episode left me covered with goo…clean never felt so good!



I love you.




Wonderful, wonderful. And Caleb’s prayer made me cry. xo

Margo Dahl

Such a sweet post, Karissa! You’ve inspired me to be a more loving mom, what a great to capture fleeting moments with your children. Not sure what prompted me to click on your link tonight, guess the Lord knew I needed some inspiration 🙂
Any takers on the cleaning trade?
ps- Are you the assistant teacher in the Teriffic T’s? I can see why they want to do a roster with photos!