Best of…

Again, I could make this a worst of post and it might be entertaining but it might just bring me down, so I’m opting for another ‘best of’ instead

best Nana snuggle:

can I hope to age so well???

best baby cousin love:

best reading – 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp – lifting my heart right up when it needed some lifting for sure…

best kid moment – two hours of all 4 oldest playing ‘circus’ with all their stuffed animals, happily…no fighting (the real gift was that!)

best chore idea (from Kristin at Hope with Feathers) – little jars, one for each kid, with colorful popsicle sticks each listing a chore – this allows me to mix up kids chores which they really enjoy and they love the tangible “finish the chore, give the stick to Mama”

best big sister:

best baby gift in the mail this week – Papa Murphy’s gift card!

best/craziest friend moment – dining out for lunch near naptime with our 8 children

best place to view baby Phineas:

best amazing free gift – a gorgeous wood sleigh bed from a friend of my mom’s who no longer wanted it

best motivation to clean under your bed…getting a new bed that’s lower and nothing fits underneath anymore!

best Easter outfit, my niece Ruby:

best/hardest/teariest part of cleaning out my bedroom – looking at my wedding dress, tiny waist and all knowing I’ll never fit it again but that I’d choose these precious babes any day over that little waist….finding a hand-sewn silk robe my Grandma made me when I got married, held it for the longest time missing her soft, wrinkly, beautiful, old lady hands….finding an old photo of us with Chris’ dad fishing in Alaska, missing his wonderful smile

best 9 week old baby boy face:



Best older sister…YOU! Wow, that was cheesy. 🙂 Seriously, mom IS gorgeous.


I like cheesy (smile)…thank you.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And ditto about your mom. 🙂