Benefits of a large family

It’s been a while since I’ve written about some of the aspects of  life with several kids that are (in our opinion) a blessing…so here are a few that have popped into my mind this week:

  • When the youngest is tired, even though she is only 16 months old, she goes and gets her lovey and a pair of jammies and lays herself down to sleep in the middle of the living room
  • sept 09 097
  • The older ones are great at snuggling the littler ones in bed (and telling great stories about binkies and dirt bikes)
sept 09 113
  • Older kids that are quickly learning to read, LOVE to read to the younger ones
  • Food never goes bad.  We used to have trouble eating things before they weren’t good anymore.  I realized recently I almost never throw food away any more.  In three days this week we ate 4 pounds of minneolas, 3 pounds of grapes, 2 cucumbers, a box of spinach and 8 pounds of apples.  At that rate, there is very little waste!
  • There is always someone available to unload the dishwasher or go check the chicken coop for eggs
  • There is always a chance to learn yet another lesson in sharing and practicing kindness (truth be told we are all learning that every day…even me!)
  • Siblings.  Someone to share a ride with or share clothes with or share a smile with.
    sept 09 018
    sept 09 014

While it is loud and sometimes quite hectic, we still think it’s great and are glad this is our life.  We wouldn’t have it any other way….even on days like today-which has been less than perfect!



In regard to the comment about food…with all that fruit being consumed, I would argue that there is actually quite a bit of waste!


Lol on c’s comment about fruit!! Um- can I just say this may be one of my fav blog posts ever. So simple and so sweet. Love you guys!


Love love love the photos. They pretty much say it all! I have a question – does Audrey put the jammies on herself?? Adorable matching girlie outfits.