Barley and Basil

Nope, this isn’t a recipe post (although one will follow later today!).  We went to stop by our friend Holly’s today and came home with a little bit of Barley…

rylee and barley

And a little bit of Basil…

caleb & basil



I love it!!! You are so close to having a farm all you need now is a horse.:) We would love to come meet those cute kittens soon.


so CUTE! Love their names 🙂


ADORABLE!!! Interested in a playdate with Sam and Chloe??? 🙂


again— NOT nana!! steph accidently signed in as nana 🙂

Kristin McKinnon

Oh, my, they are the cutest! We just bought our tickets so we’ll get to see them before they get big!!!!!!