Back to the gratitude list in 2011

#326 – tiny feet pressing out from my insides all day long

#327 – the chance to travel east to celebrate the life of my amazing grandma

#328 – a six year old boy with patience enough to try and teach his 2 year old sister chess

#329 – pillows, so many pillows, that make sleep possible

#330 – re-entering homeschool today after a longer than expected break

#331 – new ideas on daily life and family

#332 – new recipes on the docket

#333 – a new church, new start, new friends

#334 – a new one year, chronological Bible to read nightly with my husband

#335 – the way the starting of this list helped change my outlook on life last year

#336 – powdered sugar donut holes

#337 – all the energy that comes out at kids birthday parties

#338 – kind words from sweet-old-man-strangers at the grocery…”You must be nearing the end of your journey (seeing my belly), many blessings – they grow fast and leave so treasure every day okay?



love your list, and miss you. Think of you often


the man at the grocery store’s comment made me teary. i love that.
goodness – he’s teaching her chess?! that is amazing no matter the outcome.
did you make the donut holes??