Audrey’s prayer

At bedtime every night Audrey prays nearly the same fervent prayers, typing it out doesn’t do much justice but I thought I’d try…

Audrey (eyes squeezed shut, hands clasped tight):  “Dear Jesus, I pray for Mavin and Fatuma and Carlos and Mariela and for the people in Meepan (Japan) for Jesus to have his hand on the people and to be with them.  And for Mama and Daddy and my sister Rylee.  And baby Phineas, to not cry.  And Caleb and Kyler.  And for mama’s head (I got pegged with a rock over a month ago, she doesn’t forget).”

Mama:  “Thanks Audrey, that was a sweet prayer.”

Audrey:  “You know God is in Meepan, he’s with the people.  He is.”

Mama:  “I know, aren’t you glad he is?  They need him so much right now.”

Audrey:  “Yeah, there was a big, BIG wave and flood and washed the houses over and the people were under the water.  God is there.”

Mama:  “Yes.  He is.  And here too and all around.”

Audrey:  “Yup, and with Carlos and Mariela and Fatuma and Mavin too…”


colleen reph

That is THE CUTEST!!! How precious….Must be doin’ something right, you two…:)

Jon Sween

What a sweet prayer from a tender heart.


This totally touched my heart… thank you for sharing your heart AND Audrey’s heart. I need more kleenex…
Love you guys…