Audrey’s Firsts

Isn’t it fun to keep track of all those wonderful milestones for our children?  I will be the first to admit that I have a hard time remembering what month this or that happened in the life of our children.  Luckily, I have a beautiful wife who has a steel trap for that type of information.

Audrey experienced a few firsts this week.  We are not talking about the first smile, step, word, or even the first rollover.  I wish we would be celebrating the first night she slept all the way through.  Unfortunately, none of those milestones have been reached.  We will keep you posted on all of that.

This week Audrey outgrew her newborn diapers, got her first stuffy nose, and recieved her first boo-boo.  Who do you think was responsible for giving Audrey her first owie?  It was…(insert drum roll here)…me.  I know, very sad…how coudl you do this Dad?.  I got home from work and saw that she had made some red spots on her face from her fingernails getting a bit long so I thought it was time for another manly moment for Daddy – a little trim for her nails.  So I began to trim her nails as she was sleeping peacefully in my arms.  The next thing I know I hear a little whimper and my heart sank…sure enough there was the tiniest bit of blood as I had just barely got her skin.  I am sure that in our large family of six this will not ber her last boo-boo, but I also know that those boo boos are going to be inconsequential to the amount of love she gets from her Daddy, Mommy, brothers, and sister.

Audrey is growing up and we are cherishing each moment along the way…even the little boo-boos.  I am enjoying the use of this blog to celebrate these little moments in our kids lives.  Those of you with kids, have you discovered a good way to cherish and remember all of the precious moments you share with your children? 




sweetness and sadness!! i totally thought you were going to say kyler did something to her. he is the sweetest, but he is also 100% boy 🙂 so grateful i was able to meet her when she was still so little….there is nothing as sweet as a newborn.

Julie Huebner

I love reading your blog, and keeping up with your family. We have a pretty cool way of keeping up with our cherished memories of our kids. When each one of them is born we start a book…like a diary size book. They each have their own, and I keep them in the side table by the couch so I don’t have to hunt them down! I try to frequently right a paragraph or so in there about funny things they said, big events in their life, milestones in their development, etc. Occasionally I do “interviews” with them too and put those in there as well. They get a kick out of reading them a couple of years later! When each one of them graduates from high school, I plan on giving them there little life books. That’s how we do it anyways! I just wish sometimes that life could stand still for a few moments while you enjoy their cuteness and those moments. Unfortunately…time marches on! Say Hi to your dear wife for me!